Vantra, a labour of love, was founded in London, by Phun, in 1999...

Born and raised in Malaysia, Phun moved to London in the late 80s. The fast-pace of the city soon took its toll as bad eating habits crept in. Fast food and processed ingredients were a stark contrast to the wholesome, (although not vegan,) diet he had followed back in Malaysia. His body didn't handle this well, and fatigue, depression, and even the development of allergies followed. Phun decided enough was enough, and adopted a complete vegan and organic lifestyle.

There were very few vegan establishments in London at this time, and scarce information on which foods were bad for you or how food was being prepared. At the same time, many 'healthy' diets were not what they appeared. So, Phun dug deep into research and experimented with different approaches in the quest for true wellbeing.

Phun came to realise that there is no one-size fits all diet, as individual lifestyles and biological factors mean that an 'optimum diet' can vary from one person to another. Understanding and incorporating principles from the best healthy diets (including Ayurvedic, macrobiotic, raw, gluten-free, paleo, alkalising etc...) would eventually lead to Vantra's unique, universal approach. Life turned around from his eating healthier, and Phun decided to help others to improve their own lives. As he set about mastering a flexible approach to meet these individual nutritional needs, Vantra was born.

Press and publications include: Time Out, BBC Radio, Red Magazine & The Evening Standard