Just a few things to note...

- We only take bookings from 17:30 onwards. Anytime before this, please just pop in.
- At busy times we can hold reserved tables for around 15 minutes, so please call us if you are running late.
- We reserve the right to book your table 2 hours after the start of your reservation.
- We do not serve alcohol, but if you wish to have a drink please feel free to bring your own beer or wine. We charge a corkage fee of just £5 per table. 

Groups (6 or more) 

- To make a reservation for groups of 6 or more please call the restaurant directly. 
- We ask for a minimum spend of £15 per head for larger groups, (a main course, and drink/dessert will have this covered easily!)
- We will automatically add a 10% service charge to your final bill.

As a small, independent, restaurant on Oxford Street we highly appreciate your understanding of the above.


You will receive a confirmation of your booking within 24hrs, if you wish to book for this coming evening we suggest calling us instead to ensure we can confirm your table. 

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